FIAP Exhibition Centre in Negova 2017 applications

Photographers are kindly invited to apply for the exhibition in FIAP Exhibition Centre in Negova in year 2017. Deadline for applications is 20. February 2017 and should be sent on e-mail:


The application must contain:

–          name and surname

–          title (national, FIAP)

–          address and contact

–          photo club and photographic association

–          title of the exhibition

–          short biography (850- 1050 signs) and the accompanying text to the exhibition (850-1050 signs), all together 1850-1950 signs, in Slovenian and English (foreigners only in English)

–          at least 24 photos in jpg, 72 dpi, 800 pixle at longer side

–          information about  maximum number of photos in collection

–          information about the size of photos, the size and type of frames, paspartous,…



Terms and conditions:

–    photos must be glued on the surface or laminated and framed

(for foreigners we have some frames 50 x 70 cm and 40 x 50 cm available at Photographic Association of Slovenia)

–          selected authors must send their portraits and 3-4 photos in higher resolution for


–          exhibitors must timely manner deliver equipped photos to the Castle Negova, where they can also be returned (for foreigners by post)

–          1 photo must be donated to the Exhibition Centre archive

–          exhibitors will not be payed for exhibiting


The exhibitions will be placed in four galleries at the same time, from April till end of October 2017.  Exhibitors can not choose neither the time of exhibition nor the gallery.

Organizer of exhibitions is not in a position to pay exhibition, nor any other costs associated with the arrival and accommodation of exhibitors. Organizer is not responsible for any damage incurred due to any reasons, including environmental effects, nor for eventual disposal of photos.

The exhibition catalogue will be made and sent to FIAP headquarters and other Exhibition centers all over the world.


The applications will be reviewed and selected by program council, composed by: Stojan Kerbler, Vasja Doberlet and Ivo Borko.

With sending your application you accepted these terms and conditions.


Gornja Radgona, 17. January  2017.